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Patient-Focused Health Care,
powered by digital services


Doctors can’t be available anytime and anywhere

Datawizard enables Patient-Centric Healthcare through Human-Centered Design and ICT solutions. 

Our research shows that the key to patient empowerment is delivering trusted, accessible and coherent health information.

"8 out of 10 "

European citizens search for health products and services online


Is the No. 2 most searched issue worldwide



In 2019, online sales of health products grew over 60%

User Engagement and Activation

Datawizard’s expertise is in applying our original framework to deploy Digital Health platforms that easily enroll and activate new users.

 Our measurable results on the field coming from a mixing up of distant competences such like Service Design, Health Management and Marketing

Our knowledge base is the key tool to cross expectations of digital users and potential business based on Digital Health Services (DHI) and Value Added Services (VAS).

Source: Capgemini 2019

Most researched health related issue online


Continuous Engagement Platform

Health E-commerce


Customizable e-pharmacy designed to facilitate product research and analyze user’s behaviour.

Medical Remote Support


Real-time chat with professional pharmacist to engage the user on health related needs.

Medicine Management


Meticulously designed API service that give users easy access to trusted pharmaceutical information, leveling up the common leaflet experience.

Experience Solution


A trusted solution to avoid common misunderstanding with medicines when travelling abroad.

Medical center finder


A powerful and updated tool to address specific health need toward appropiate medical structure.

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