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Innovation is a process that starts with an open mind

Datawizard is a catalyst for design thinking and innovation to resolve the most complex challenges in every project and team we are part of.

our approach

Human-Centered design and

Datawizard helps organizations in exploring funding opportunities, partner matching, proposal development and management. Our dedicated scouting team is constantly searching for new opportunities to fund and build sustainable innovation projects.


Innovation Management Phases



Patient and citizen empowerment app applying semantic and NLP technology to turn trusted medicine data into useful services. Grant 711824 – H2020 SME Instrument Phase 2

Intelligent system for doctors to personalize drug prescriptions by analyzing patient and clinical data, drug interactions and genomic profile. Drug Pin is a project started by a group of scientists pioneering the field of personalised medicine.

ICT-based system for providing personalized nutrition. PROTEIN is a research initiative led by a consortium of European public and private sector organizations working to promote health and wellbeing. Grant 817732, H2020-SFS-2018-2020, 20 partners, 11 countries.

Up-scaling the global univocal identification of medicines – implementation of ISO IDMP standards in EU Member States drug databases, supporting safe cross-border ePrescription/ eDispensation and effective pharmacovigilance. Grant #875299. 48 partners, 19 countries. DATAWIZARD is the only Italian SME company involved in the project.

Supporting patients with chronic diseases, formal and informal caregivers and professionals for continuous care through emotional and vital parameters recognition crossed with Artificial Intelligence technologies. Grant 875325

Innovative Medicines Initiative project co-led by Pfizer and other pharma companies for improving patient health access, understanding and adherence to therapy, implementing ePI, EHR access and 2-way communication between patients and healthcare providers. Grant #945334. 41 partners, 15 countries. 

AI for Genomics and Personalised Medicine – aggregate health data from 66 healthcare teams in 15 countries to develop novel AI-based therapeutic approaches for rare hematological disorders. 

Grant #101017549

Transforming health data sets (electronic health records, patient registries, hospital data, etc) into the OMOP common data model as a certified SME in the global OHDSI community. Datawizard has been selected by Società Italiana di Medicina Generale as key EHDEN Data Providers, to assist them in mapping more than 2 million patient health records to the OMOP common data model.


Implementazione di TeamSystem ERP e migliore utilizzo della tesoreria attraverso tre sistemi di gestione tra cui: TeamSystem Entreprise, TeamSystem HR e Treasury. Grazie all’utilizzo di queste applicazioni è possibile migliorare la gestione dei processi aziendali creando maggiore strutturazione, controllo e gestione dei flussi. 

Novel digital tools to improve adherence to treatment in hypertension patients


Il progetto ha gli obiettivi di identificare l’isolamento sociale, migliorare i livelli di assistenza domiciliare, intervenire con interazioni umane e dispositivi AI e incentivare le relazioni affettive con i familiari.

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