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Progettare e realizzare un metasistema operativo virtualizzato e indipendente per il continuum edge-cloud di sistemi IoT.


aerOS is a 3-year European research project that aims to transparently utilise resources on the edge-to-cloud continuum to enable applications effectively by incorporating multiple services. The overall goal of aerOS is to design and implement a virtualised and independent operating metasystem for the edge-cloud continuum of IoT systems.

This project was funded by Horizon Europe, the EU’s main funding programme for research and innovation, under grant agreement no. 101069732.


The transition to software-driven components and systems requires the efficient integration of a range of new technologies and vertically agnostic services. It requires a data strategy, reliable data exchange frameworks, frugal AI at the (far) edge and containerisation and virtualisation across complex value chains.

Furthermore, decentralised collective decision-making and federation of systems/networks must be harnessed to govern data exchange within models, applications and services across the IoT edge-cloud continuum. The operational metasystem must (among other things) provide flexible orchestration mechanisms to efficiently combine and utilise the heterogeneous infrastructure elements that make up the IoT edge-cloud continuum. In particular, it should support exposed standardised service APIs, hardware abstraction, cross-domain resource orchestration and deployable/decentralised frugal AI.

AerOS focuses on distributed data management to make user-side applications more intelligent and proactive and to provide the basis for hyper-distributed applications and services, closer to data sources and event-generating processes, without sacrificing aggregated data analysis and insights. In addition, the concept of services as a ‘unifying abstraction’, across resources (i.e., any physical or virtual resource in the IoT edge-cloud continuum, from device to far-edge, edge or cloud) is envisaged.

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Project title
aerOS: Autonomous, scalablE, tRustworthy, intelligent European meta Operating System for the IoT edge-cloud continuum

Horizon 2022 IA Grant Agreement No. 101069732


HORIZON-CL4-2021-DATA-01-05 – Future European platforms for the Edge: Meta Operating Systems (RIA)

Total cost
€ 11 828 857,50

Start date – End date

1 Settembre 2022 – 31 Agosto 2025



Our involvement

Software design

Sviluppo di un sistema di analisi delle interazioni fra farmaci (drug-drug interaction tool) basato su un algoritmo di natural language processing (NLP). 

Pilot implementation

Esecuzione dei pilot con gli utilizzatori italiani della piattaforma (Università Federico II di Napoli).e raccolta feedback.


Scopri i materiali che hanno guidato il nostro lavoro e i risultati ottenuti.

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