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Improving home care through human interactions and AI


The spread of COVID-19 resulted in the need for measures to protect the population in terms of restricting interpersonal contacts and social distancing. These measures were aimed at avoiding the overloading of health care systems by now and protecting those most at risk such as the elderly from infection. Such separation from family members and the network of informal relationships has led to worrying consequences for the elderly population, increasing the risk of social isolation.

Social isolation of the elderly is a latent and insidious problem of contemporary society that with the current pandemic is increasing dramatically, it is a psychophysical distress that affects people from 64 to 84 years old and particularly retired individuals living alone, with significant consequences on their health.


The E-LINUS project aims to identify social isolation, improve levels of home care, intervene with human interactions and AI devices, and foster emotional relationships with family members. It is an Active & Independent Living solution that operates through a network of noninvasive IoT devices; identifies symptomatic behaviors and activates caregiving protocols and services, via an App for professional and family caregivers.


The E-LINUS project has seen as protagonists important realities of the technological and scientific world such as Datawizard srl, Giomi Group and La Sapienza University of Rome. E-LINUS can be considered a second step and an evolution of a previous product resulting from the virtuous collaboration between the same partners, called SeniorCare.



Tema Progetto
POR FESR Lazio 2014-2020. Avviso Pubblico “Emergenza Coronavirus e oltre”


Codice Progetto
POR A0376E0005

Investimento Ammesso
€ 504.523,20

Sovvenzione Ammessa
€ 282.429,83



E-LINUS will achieve the following objectives:

  • A Smart Living Environment (SLE) composed of IoT and Wearable sensors that will monitor IADL and SADL activities symptomatic of social isolation 
  • A speech recognition system to classify emotional patterns 
  • a Multimodal Detection of Mental States system to classify activities and recognize states of social isolation, which integrates and processes signals from SLE and speech recognition for a comprehensive and personalized detection of the elderly person’s mental state 
  • A Home Automation Assistant to take immediate action by suggesting activities for the elderly person to do to improve their state of mind 
  • An App for professional and family caregivers to support home care and simple emotional and relational companionship 
  • A market strategy and the commercial launch of E-LINUS. 
  • GIOMI will adopt the solution corporately as a service for the elderly in home care and in the future in dedicated facilities (RSAs and apartments for the elderly)

E-LINUS represents an Active & Independent Living solution that operates through a network of noninvasive IoT devices; it identifies symptomatic behaviors and activates care protocols and services, via an App for professional and family caregivers. It also has an AI Advisor that vocally interacts with the elderly person, improving their mood and incentivizing virtuous behaviors for mental and physical well-being. The planned CSR interventions are: to develop the potential of an innovative technology that uses voice analysis, using AI algorithms, for early detection, diagnosis and monitoring of diseases, and to integrate knowledge and algorithms into a Multimodal Detection of Mental States system, based on multimodal analysis and deep machine learning algorithms.


Our Involvement

Project Management

Administrative management and coordination and technical coordination.



Mobile app designed and developed tailored for use by caregivers and patients; 

Web app for caregivers to monitor patient activities.

System Integration

Backend infrastructure and API development for integration of existing components with new ones aimed at data collection from sensors and related analysis.

UX Design

User experience design and development and product marketing.

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