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Ebasi - senior care

Emotion and Behaviour recognition Against elderly Social Isolation


Senior isolation is becoming a major social problem in western countries. Many elderly people are living in single-resident homes without family or social support. Even in nursing home, residents stay in their private bedrooms lonely without participating social activities. Since social isolation leads to serious consequences maintaining person’s sense of community is very important.

EBASI – Senior Care, through a IoT-based system, aims to detect, avoid and prevent elderly social isolation improving the social inclusion and facilitating the uptake of evidence-based active healthy aging interventions regarding the augmentation of living environments that can support the independent living of the aging population.


The project experiment proposes a multimodal sensor based recognition for social activities of daily living, integrated with a domotic system.
The sensors monitor the daily activities and emotions of the residents (speech, noise, and/or visual) and estimates the social relationships of the residents, takes care of the residents who are isolated from the community. 

The purposes of EBASI – SeniorCare are:

•  to catch abandoned wishes of seniors and abnormal emotions of the elderly and to bring them into community and family active life projects;

•  to maintaining long term “functional ability” that are direct symptoms of social isolation;

•  to create a new purpose for their lives and activate their participation in social and volunteering activities, improving the quality of life, reducing the risks of social exclusion and inactivity after retirement, augmenting social cohesion between generations, a better use of their potential in the development of the “silver economy”;

•  to improve the caring activities of professional, social and relatives’ caregivers.


Project Name

IoT-Based Emotion and Behaviour Recognition Against Elderly People Social Isolation (EBASI)

Funding scheme

Horizon 2020 – Grant No 761809


€ 180.937,50 


Project website:


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