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Promoting a healthy life style through game


Health education is one of the most difficult and sensitive topics to address and communicate.  A healthy lifestyle is essential to stay well and to prevent diseases, a playful activity is therefore the most direct channel to intercept the attention of a large number of users, make information and help people to become more aware. 

The purpose of Health Wings is to make people aware of taking care of their health, through a simple daily game. 


Using an entertainment channel allows to engage and establish an exclusive and lasting relationship with your users.

In Health Wings, the player will play the role of a doctor aboard an ambulance, with the objective of keeping the body healthy by defeating various diseases and improving the patient’s lifestyle.

The game promotes psychophysical well-being and a correct lifestyle, identifying the risk factors of specific pathologies, which correspond to different sections of the game, and facilitating their correction.  

In the first version of the game there are 4 sections/themes:

  • Diabetes
  • Influenza 
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Dermatology


Our Involvement

Target Analysis

Preliminary analysis of the target audience of end-users of the App, useful to determine the subsequent strategic choices regarding the realization in terms of content, interface and marketing.

Content Creation

Creation of all the content of the video game in various chapters, which represent the various health issues and are aimed at different targets (content on diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.).

UI & UX Design

 Conceptualization of the user interface, designed to have a historical “match” in the evocative memory of a person demographically aligned to the target.


Code development for the frontend of the arcade mode service. Development of the video game taking into account the possibility of multi-platform use, obviously favouring mobile use.

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