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Personalising drug prescriptions to improve Patient outcomes


To develop complex therapies after diagnosis, doctors have no way of assessing drug efficacy and interactions for each patient.

Drug-pin is the first intelligent system that combines and analyses metabolic data, drug-drug interactions and genomic profiling to help doctors get the best prescriptions by increasing efficacy and lowering the risk of side effects.


Providing a tool to help doctors make the best decisions about which drugs to prescribe to their patients in terms of safety and efficacy, through technology that models the more than 19,000 proteins in the human body that interact with each other and with drugs.

Drug-PIN performs a multi-pass analysis and increases the polynomial order of calculation for each item added to the patient record. Thus, even with limited patient data, Drug-PIN helps reduce risk and optimise a therapy. The more patient data available, the more a therapy can be fine-tuned.

Select the right drugs for each patient based on the patient’s medical profile

Models the more than 19,000 proteins in the human body that interact with each other and with medications

Reduce the risk score by fine-tuning the therapy

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Our Involvement

Code Design

Implementation of innovative platform features:
– a substantial change in the way medicines are searched;
–  introduction of an analysis panel highlighting the liver function score.

AI Training

Development of AI technologies to ensure scalability of the Drug-PIN service – making it usable through IT solutions indistinctly. Improvement over time as a result of the algorithm’s constant data processing activity that refines its accuracy.

Marketing Consultancy

Consortium Management during all the project phases and Marketing consultancy and Communication activities aimed at spreading the innovative product in order to find usability and applications on the market.

UI & UX Design

Development of a platform easily usable by medical-scientific personnel, adding the ability to search and select medicines by trade name, rather than solely by active ingredient. More effective and reliable 2-step functional protocol and advanced dashboard for multi-ingredient management.


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