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Transforming health data sets into the OMOP common data model


The EU generates vast quantities of patient-related information contained in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and other types of health databases in structured and unstructured data.
EHDEN project will exploit this rich amount of data to enhance future clinical practice and individual patient results by increasing our understanding of disease and treatment methods.

Develop a federated and standardized network to connect diverse medical datasets, based on a common data model that facilitates the management and sharing of medical data in research projects.


Project Name
European Health Data and Evidence Network (EHDEN)

Funding scheme
Horizon 2020 –  IMI2 – RIA Grant No 806968

November 2018 – April 2024

Project website:


The EHDEN project will stimulate transparent and reproducible analytics producing valid real-world evidence to improve patient care and medical research.
EHDEN will also create a platform to make methods and data sets findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) and engage a vast range of stakeholders such as health technology assessment agencies and patients.

EHDEN is based on 3 foundational pillars to support its goals and aims.

  • Infrastructure: Creation of an EU-wide federated network architecture; privacy by design; data harmonisation to the OMOP common data model; training and certification of SMEs.

  • Research & Outcome: Use cases to evaluate the EHDEN federated network; collaboration on consistent methodologies; collaboration with the global OHDSI research network; incorporation of the ICHOM health outcome standards.

  • Education & Community: Establishment of an EHDEN Academy; expansion of the OHDSI network in Europe; collaboration on collective memory for research use cases.

Datawizard for Ehden

SIMG – Italian Society of General Medicine – has entrusted Datawizard with the role of Driver in the mapping process of more than 2 million patients’ data in the OMOP Common Data Model.


Data Mapping

Datawizard is SME Data Partner of EHDEN engaged in mapping and standardizing data on the OMOP- Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership model. The purpose of the model is to facilitate their use for a variety of purposes, improving and accelerating research and decision-making in healthcare for global benefit.

Data Transformation

Datawizard is also engaged as an SME certified by the global OHDSI community, in the transformation of healthcare data sets (electronic health records, patient records, hospital data, etc.) into the OMOP common data model.

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