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Improving patient health access, understanding and adherence to therapy


Engagement of citizens in their own health can only be achieved with access to actionable, understandable, relevant, reliable and evidence-based information that meets their specific needs, health context, and literacy level.

The Gravitate Health mission is to equip and empower citizens with digital information tools that make them confident, active, and responsive in their patient journey, specifically encouraging safe use of medicines for better health outcomes and quality of life.


The aim of Gravitate Health is to develop a digital health information tool called the Gravitate Lens (G-Lens).  As the name suggests, the G-Lens will focus (but not conceal or filter) approved information on medicines and guide patients to understandable, trustworthy, up-to-date information that meets the patient’s needs and fits with their health context and literacy levels. The functionality of the G-Lens will be supported by an open source digital platform.


Project Name
Empowering and equipping Europeans with health information for active personal health management and adherence to treatment

Funding scheme
IMI2 – RIA Grant Agreement No 945334

€ 18 561 750

November 2020 – October 2025IM

Project website:


Our Involvement

UX & UI Design

Design, implement and validate a set of digital tools focusing on user experience (UX) to evaluate patient access, understanding and adherence with tailored ePI, educational material, Real World Data.

Digital Solution

Implementation of the G-Lens Digital Solution in end-user applications and prototypes.

Service Design

Service Design of the functional G-Lens model by first developing user personas and mapping their journeys, complete with a handbook of design methodology to be applied throughout the duration of the project.


Front end software development and system integration for collection and analysis of large amounts of user data. 


Discover the materials that guided our work and the results obtained.

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