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Helping to ensure that any medicine can be accurately identified anywhere in the world


Today, each European country has its own classification system (ID) for pharmaceutical products, which makes a prescribed medicine dispensable only within national borders.
This inefficiency is penalizing for the patient, who finds himself having to deal with a variety of different regulations that leave him in a state of passivity and at the mercy of various national inconsistencies. 

UNICOM aims to supports and enables the univocal identification of medicinal products by facilitating and accelerating the implementation and diffusion of ISO IDMP standards (IDentification of Medical Products) across European health system.


To reach the outcomes foreseen, UNICOM project (Horizon 2020 IA) is organized along three closely interrelated vertical action lines:

  • Implementation of IDMP  at EU /National MPs data base level
  • Adaptation of cross-border digital health services
  • Exploration for pharmacovigilance services, Medicinal Product Dictionaries , healthcare services, patient empowerment, Big Data etc.

These three action lines are supported by two horizontal activity clusters:

  • Further development of IDMP standards and implementation support
  • Socio-economic impact assessment and sustainability strategies, scientific coordination, project management, awareness raising and dissemination.


Project Name
Up-scaling the global univocal identification of medicines


Funding scheme
Horizon 2020 IA Grant Agreement No 875299


SC1-DTH-09-2019 – Scaling up the univocal Identification of Medicinal Products


€ 20 730 965,50


December 2019 – November 2023

Project website:


Our Involvement


Preliminary research of all classification standards currently adopted in the main member states and extensive technology scouting to understand best practices in terms of digital platforms and applications for managing pharmaceutical nomenclatures


  Analysis of Users Requirements related to the use of e-prescription in cases of interoperability of a unique identification system at transnational level.

Service Design

Ensure that the project pilots and showcase services (the ISO-IDMP-powered services) are designed to meet the needs of patient segment in order to create value for them. 

UI & UX Design

Development of the whole font-end interface of the services, as well as for ensuring seamless user experience.


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