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ehden European Health Data & Evidence Network

How Blockchain Could Unlock Better Health Data

Today patient data remains scattered across a variety of organizations and facilities. But blockchain could break the siloes which currently make the transmission of health information slow and disorganized. By turning to blockchain technology, the health industry has the potential to realize the interoperability it needs.
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How Artificial Intelligence is Winning the Battle Against Cancer

Artificial intelligence is becoming a key feature of modern medicine. In fact, it is transforming the practice. Cancer detection, for one, is dramatically improving thanks to AI technologies, and as a result, tens of millions diagnosed with cancer each year now have a greater chance of survival.
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Datawizard guiderà SIMG nella mappatura dei pazienti nel modello OMOP

Datawizard è stata selezionata da SIGM come Driver nel processo di mapping di oltre 2 milioni di dati di pazienti nel Common Data Model OMOP.
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Ehden data mapping

The Future of Personalized Medicine: Predictive Analytics

Thanks to statistical techniques like data mining and machine learning, we now have the ability to analyze current and historical data to forecast the likelihood of future events.
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How Covid-19 Spurred a Digital Health Renaissance

The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest health care challenge humanity has faced in living memory. Still, for all the pains the coronavirus unleashed on the world this last year, it also has been a catalyst for much-needed change, encouraging innovations in health care.
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Meaningful Engagement: Making Digital Health Transformative

Digital health is an area of growing interest for physicians and technology companies alike, but it’s the patients themselves who stand to benefit the most from health care’s digital revolution.
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